Sights of Norway
SIGHTSEEING The main treasure of Norway is its nature. Thousands of secluded bays and picturesque fjords encircle its coast, and low mountains, covered with forests and meadows, create a unique…

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Sights of Sweden
SIGHTSEEING Stockholm lies on 14 islands on the shores of Lake Mälaren and the Norstrom Strait, and is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The first…

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5 reasons why the Greeks love Stupa. And not only the Greeks.
Due to the surrounding highlands, the Mani Peninsula is considered by the Greeks to be relatively wild and remote. Among the olive groves, on the coast, below the rocky peaks…

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Togean Islands: heaven on earth

If you are tired of this constant bustle: phone calls, car noise, huge crowds of people, then it’s time to relax. Sometimes you want to be on a deserted island and just enjoy the world, without the extra benefits of civilization: in silence. There is such a desire? Then you urgently need to go to Indonesia. But now we are not talking about a popular holiday in Bali. We invite you to the Togean Islands.

These are tiny pieces of land lost in the waters of the Mollusk Sea. Located near the island of Sulawesi. There is no civilization familiar to us, a huge number of people, the Internet and various shops. This is a unique place for the most inspired.

It so happened that the most valuable thing in the world is well hidden: diamonds are hidden and protected at a depth of 200 km, pearls are at the bottom of very deep reservoirs in the sink. So this piece of paradise is also hidden from view. Continue reading

Tourist Guide: Hainan Island or East Hawaii

Who does not dream to relax in the magnificent Hawaii, which has long been heard by many? It would seem that this dream may still remain a dream, but Hainan Island in China is not in vain known among tourists as “Eastern Hawaii.” Tourists are greeted by the landscape with the best films: yellow fine sand, white shells and coconut palms.
Holidays in Hainan – is primarily a pleasure of exotic nature. Here, as in Ceylon, tourists expect endemic flora and fauna, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. What to see and how to spend a vacation on the coast of the South China Sea?

Sanya – the heart of Hainan

The resort town of Sanya is a real gem of the island. And this is not in vain, because it is here that the most popular recreation areas among tourists are located: Yalongwan Bay, Da Donghai and Sanya Bay. The city is located in a picturesque place – at the delta of the three rivers Sanya, Dabo and Lynchuan. This is probably why the rest here is so attractive. Continue reading

What to take to Greece with you on vacation?

Going on vacation, we put in our bags the things you need at first glance. We close the lock with difficulty in order to “cram the unedited”. And then we are surprised why half of the things just lie in a suitcase or in a room, and never come in handy. The good news: a similar situation can be avoided! We share the tips of experienced tourists on what to take to Greece on vacation. How not to forget really useful things, and not to overload luggage?

What comes in handy 100%
The list of items required for the trip includes documents, clothes, shoes, accessories and medicines. You will also need money and equipment. Let us dwell on each item.

When choosing what to take from things to rest in Greece, consider the specifics of your vacation. Planning to spend all the time on the beach or by the pool – take a few swimwear and a pair. Shorts and T-shirts will be useful both for beach activities and for excursions, walks, shopping. It is best to take 3-4 replaceable sets of casual wear. To visit the temples, you should choose blouses or shirts with a long sleeve and a closed neckline, skirts below the knee, breeches, pants made of natural fabric. To go to the restaurant, take an elegant dress (for women) and a shirt + pants (for men).
Shoes should be comfortable, made from natural materials – fabric or leather. Continue reading

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