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Sri Lanka: an amazing country with interesting traditions and customs
Going on a trip to Sri Lanka, we are not only looking for beautiful hotels and clean beaches. We want to learn more about the world and better understand ourselves.…

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Sightseeings of Germany
Germany attracts tourists with the picturesque Rhine Valley with many medieval castles and monasteries, the ancient culture of Bavaria, the picturesque Black Forest, the calm Baltic coast and many historical…

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Mexico Attractions
The true monuments of antiquity in Mexico are the pyramids. There are many of them in the country, but only a few are available for viewing. Many pyramids are buried…

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11 reasons to visit the UAE

When it comes to tours in the Emirates, no one is stingy with epithets. It took this state less than 50 years to become a world leader and create the most luxurious and impressive architectural and landscape projects. We will tell you 11 reasons why you need to visit the UAE at least once.

1. See the tallest building in the world
The Burj Khalifa or the Khalifa Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the world. Its height is 828 m., And its weight is 500 thousand tons. The skyscraper consists of 163 floors. Seriously, we are dizzy with just one thought of him!

2. Visit Wild Wadi Water Park
Wild Wadi Water Park is crazy water extreme! Here you will be offered to slide off two 120-meter slides at a breakneck speed of 80 km / h! The water park has 30 slides, 23 swimming pools, surf areas and a water paradise for kids. Continue reading

UAE – a country where you will learn to have fun!

A continuous desert, over 40 years has turned into one of the richest corners of the planet – this is the United Arab Emirates. They are characterized by the definition of “the most”, referring to airports, skyscrapers, hotels and even artificial islands. Everything here is the most incomprehensible, chic and impressive. We will share interesting facts about this country and tell about the legendary amusement parks located on its territory.

Top 10 Fun Facts About the UAE
In fact, you can write 20 and 30. We chose the most juicy. In general, everyone who has visited the United Arab Emirates has found something remarkable for himself. It happens that one country seems ordinary, and the other at every step finds reasons for enthusiastic exclamations.

The “harsh winter” temperature indicators here are + 23 + 25 ° C during the day and + 14 ° C at night. So in January and February, you can safely plan a tour to Dubai, a vacation in the UAE during this period is comfortable. Summer in the country is quite hot and the temperature often exceeds the threshold of +40 ° C. Continue reading

TOP 10 impressive airports in the world!

For most people at the airport, the number one goal is to leave it as soon as possible.

But this, perhaps, should not be. The subsequent time in flight is not the most pleasant anyway. And if you are already sick from the reception, then you should not wait for the carnival further. Thinking hard on these issues, the following air berths were tried to be made as comfortable as possible. Some, it can be said, turned out to be fantastic. In their creation, technologies were used, architectural and design ideas were embodied that could minimize the stressful burden of being at the airport and the flight itself. This meant building an indoor rainforest in Kuala Lumpur or a wave pool in Munich. Let’s see which ones are the most interesting.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York, USA)
In the summer of 2015, a fleet appeared on the roof of terminal number five under the control of JetBlue Airways. While lush greens enable people to reduce pressure between flights, it also solves the technical problem for pets. Continue reading

12 things you need to know before you go to Dubai

This year, the UAE is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the unification of the emirates of the magnificent Gulf into a single state. Everyone is happy to celebrate National Day on December 2. If you plan to buy a tour to Dubai at a time when it is winter, we suggest you learn a few things that we have learned from our many visits and which you might like to know in advance.

There is life behind skyscrapers
Dubai has an amazing story, and if you dig deeper, then under all this gold, you will find an exciting UAE culture. What did not expect? Let’s start with the markets that are located on the side of the Dubai Gulf – the original heart of the city. Merchants from all over the Middle East came here to sell their products. Here you can haggle over turquoise baubles from Iran, silver treasures from Oman and dates from Saudi Arabia. There is also a special market dedicated to gold – it is worth a visit, even if you are not going to buy anything. Continue reading

Excursions between flights

Airports do their best to diversify the waiting time of their passengers. Shops under the auspices of duty free, lounge areas and bistro cafes do not surprise anyone, but sightseeing tours, art exhibitions, modern cinemas and spa services are what make airports on our list special.

Free tours between flights
Sightseeing tours outside the transit zone will interest everyone. Especially if you are brought into the city for the first time. Especially when we say that many of the tours are free, and during the walk you can see the most beautiful places in the city.

Changi Airport (Singapore)
Changi can wait between 5 and 24 hours. This time can be spent on visiting popular points in Singapore. Among them: a masterpiece of world architecture – the tropic park “Gardens by the Bay”, the Esplanade Theater and the Marina Bay Sands skyscrapers. It is important to leave a request for an excursion at the transit booth in advance, given that trips to the city take place from 9 to 18:30. Continue reading

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Mexico Attractions
The true monuments of antiquity in Mexico are the pyramids. There are many of them in the country, but only a few are available for viewing. Many pyramids are buried…