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Australia Attractions
SIGHTSEEING Sydney, rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is the most cosmopolitan, most cheerful and most beautiful city in the country. The city was…

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Travel to Zanzibar: amazing island attractions
Travelers call Zanzibar "African" Maldives - the resort is considered one of the best destinations for recreation all year round. The archipelago includes 75 islands washed by the waters of…

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9 stunning resorts on the shores of the South China Sea
Chinese resorts - a new must-see among tourists. For Ukrainian travelers, this direction became even more interesting after UIA began charter flights to Fr. Hainan. And in the summer of…

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Guide to the capital of Mexico: places that cannot be missed

One of the largest cities in North America is Mexico City. There are not only more than 20 million inhabitants, but also many places of interest for tourists. It is a city of adventure and contrast, loved by many travelers.

In the center of Mexico City, tourists will find what they like in megacities: centuries-old history, impressive museums, chic restaurants, attractive hotels, wonderful architecture and friendly locals.

Take a closer look at the authentic Mexican culture from the center. Here you can feel the real spirit of the city.
According to many, Puyol has not in vain remained the best restaurant in Mexico City for 10 years and can even compete with the best institutions in France and Italy.

The world famous chef Enrique Oliver creates real culinary masterpieces based on local Mexican dishes. (For example, have you heard about liquid quesadillas in the form of a shot?) Try culinary art from local high-quality products in a restaurant with an unobtrusive, minimalist design. Each visitor can feel like a celebrity or a movie star. Also, wine connoisseurs will taste authentic drinks from local raw materials. Continue reading

Jordan Attractions

ATTRACTIONS Among the most visited: the well-preserved city of columns – Jerash (in the city of 2 amphitheaters (North and South), 17 churches, several well-preserved ancient cobbled streets framed by columns made in various styles), as well as other cities of Roman Decapolis (Decapolis ); fortresses of the crusaders and Mamluks; palaces of the Umayyad caliphs; a huge number of places, one way or another connected with the Old and New Testaments (tourists usually only see the Moses memorial on Mount Sky, standing on which, according to legend, the prophet saw the earth for the first and last time, to which God led him 40 long years and which, according to the same legend, found his last refuge). Jordan is the true place of the baptism of Jesus on the Jordan River and Makavir is the place where the head of John the Baptist was cut off; sulfuric and mineral springs, in which the king of Judea Herod the Great once lived his body and a cave in which Lot and his daughters hid after the fall of Sodom and Gamorra; these are olive groves, pines and palm trees; these are mountains similar to the Sinai and unlike anything Wadi Rum, in which a film was shot about Lawrence of Arabia. Continue reading

Brazil Attractions

SIGHTSEEING Rio de Janeiro (“January River”) is the former capital, the most visited city in Brazil. Here is a huge statue of Jesus Christ on Mount Corcovado (part of the Tijuca National Park, covering an area of ​​more than 3,000 hectares) – the symbol of Rio, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of the Indians, historical and art museums, the National Museum located in the former Imperial Palace Quinta da Boa Vista, Museum of the Republic, Museum of stones, buildings of colonial architecture, beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Lebnon. It will be interesting to visit the botanical garden, which collected more than 7000 plants from around the world, the zoo, the world’s largest stadium “Maracana”, of extraordinary beauty Guanabara Bay.

Rio de Janeiro’s nightlife is a special world. At your service nightclubs and bars, numerous shows, discos and restaurants.

Founded in 1502 by the Portuguese, Rio de Janeiro has remained the capital of beauty and the tourism center of South America for 4 centuries. Each year, in late February – early March, Rio and Salvador celebrate the grandest show on the planet – the carnival. Continue reading

Seychelles Attractions

SIGHTSEEING Mahe Island is the largest island (150 sq. Km.), As well as the economic and political center of the country. 90% of the population live here and the most modern Seychelles International Airport is located.

Victoria is one of the smallest capitals of the world, the only major port of Seychelles and the only city in the country – any other settlement in the archipelago, whatever its name, is essentially a village. The capital of the island and the whole archipelago attracts tourists with its many Creole restaurants, souvenir shops and shops, traditional houses with marquises and openwork balconies, art galleries, colorful fruit and vegetable markets. The city is surrounded by green coconut trees (although recently modern and almost green-less neighborhoods have been growing rapidly), it is surrounded by cinnamon plantations, and from the peaks of the nearby hills of Signal, Crave-Coeur, Niol and the Three Brothers mountains (699 m. ) a fantastic view of the other islands of the archipelago. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Israel

Israel is a small country with great opportunities for recreation. Here are sun-drenched beaches, the Red and Mediterranean Seas with water activities and exciting diving, as well as the healing minerals of the Dead Sea. Excursion programs with an inspection of ancient cities and ancient shrines, sunbathing, shopping in modern shopping centers – you will not be bored during your vacation.

As in any state, Israel has its own unique traditions. Going to the country for the first time, it will not be amiss to find out about the basic rules that will help the tourist feel more confident and not get into the curiosity. Top 5 features of Israel – in our article.

1. The best time to relax
When planning a tour to Israel, it is worth considering that the weather here is very different from the usual climatic conditions. Spring and autumn are the best time to relax on the shores of the Red and Mediterranean Seas. The tourist season opens in March and lasts until mid-June. The second wave of tourists arrives in Israel in mid-September and enjoys a beach holiday until the end of November. The height of summer in the country is quite hot. But every hotel, shop, souvenir shop and even taxis are ready for high temperatures and have air conditioning. Continue reading

How to go on excursions to Israel from Egypt?
Buying a tour to Sharm el-Sheikh, Taboo, Dahab and other cities of Egypt, along with a vacation on the Red Sea, you will get a great chance to visit Israel:…


Seychelles Attractions
SIGHTSEEING Mahe Island is the largest island (150 sq. Km.), As well as the economic and political center of the country. 90% of the population live here and the most…


Sights of Sweden
SIGHTSEEING Stockholm lies on 14 islands on the shores of Lake Mälaren and the Norstrom Strait, and is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The first…


Sights of Norway
SIGHTSEEING The main treasure of Norway is its nature. Thousands of secluded bays and picturesque fjords encircle its coast, and low mountains, covered with forests and meadows, create a unique…