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Top 5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Israel

Israel is a small country with great opportunities for recreation. Here are sun-drenched beaches, the Red and Mediterranean Seas with water activities and exciting diving, as well as the healing minerals of the Dead Sea. Excursion programs with an inspection of ancient cities and ancient shrines, sunbathing, shopping in modern shopping centers – you will not be bored during your vacation.

As in any state, Israel has its own unique traditions. Going to the country for the first time, it will not be amiss to find out about the basic rules that will help the tourist feel more confident and not get into the curiosity. Top 5 features of Israel – in our article.

1. The best time to relax
When planning a tour to Israel, it is worth considering that the weather here is very different from the usual climatic conditions. Spring and autumn are the best time to relax on the shores of the Red and Mediterranean Seas. The tourist season opens in March and lasts until mid-June. The second wave of tourists arrives in Israel in mid-September and enjoys a beach holiday until the end of November. The height of summer in the country is quite hot. But every hotel, shop, souvenir shop and even taxis are ready for high temperatures and have air conditioning.

If the dates of your vacation coincided with the winter months, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the “land of milk and honey.” At this time of year the sky rains, but the temperature is comfortable enough for excursions. In winter, even in the Dead Sea, the water does not heat above 22 ° C, but in the country there are many hot springs, such as Ein Gedi, Hamat Gader.

2. Features of kosher cuisine
All restaurants and cafes in Israel are divided into kosher and non-kosher. If you decide to dine at a non-kosher establishment, it is best to go to a small religious town or to the non-tourist quarter of a metropolis, where a variety of such dishes will delight gourmets.

From meat snacks we recommend trying “Meorav Jerushalmi” with four types of chicken. Vegetarians will like falafel – peas and beans fried in oil, as well as traditional chickpea pasta with spices and olive oil, which is known as hummus.

Among the desserts there are also kosher dishes: baked apples, “nogogu-mogul” and pancakes with various fillings.

3. Strict police
Today, the cities of Israel are calm, but there are quite a few police officers on the streets. They patrol areas and can stop the tourist by asking for identification. Checking documents with anyone who comes across is an ordinary matter with the local police, which the locals have long been accustomed to. This procedure is carried out as a regular check.

Despite the fact that the police can be found everywhere, you should not ask them for directions or make any other similar request – giving information is not the responsibility of the police.

Attracting unwanted attention from the military can use cameras next to military facilities. It is worth making sure that such buildings do not fall into the frame, otherwise the camera may be removed.

4. Shabbat Rules
The Shabbat festival begins on Friday and ends on Saturday after sunset. During this period, all the shops, cinemas, administrative organizations and most restaurants were closed on the territory of the country, and local residents abandoned any work activities. You can’t even use the elevator on Friday and Saturday – pressing a button anticipates the use of physical strength. In order not to violate the commandments, Israeli engineers have developed special elevators that move independently and stop on each floor. There are many hotels and hotels, and travelers from other countries should not be afraid or avoided.

Public transport also stops working, although in recent years it has been decided to leave rare buses that run at night. To get around the city it is more convenient to use taxi services or a private car.

Tourists at this time should refrain from smoking in public places and not visit the religious areas of any of the cities of Israel.

5. The “jellyfish” season
Each summer begins for the Israelis with flocks of jellyfish in the coastal waves that sail through the Suez Canal. A particularly dangerous transparent guest is a jellyfish-cornerot with a diameter of up to 70 centimeters, the color of which can change from transparent white to blue-violet. It is noteworthy that only the Mediterranean Sea chose a sea animal; Red remains clean during the whole tourist season.

In late July – early August, uninvited guests sail away, leaving warm sea waves and crystal clear water at the disposal of tourists.

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