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Guide to the capital of Mexico: places that cannot be missed

One of the largest cities in North America is Mexico City. There are not only more than 20 million inhabitants, but also many places of interest for tourists. It is a city of adventure and contrast, loved by many travelers.

In the center of Mexico City, tourists will find what they like in megacities: centuries-old history, impressive museums, chic restaurants, attractive hotels, wonderful architecture and friendly locals.

Take a closer look at the authentic Mexican culture from the center. Here you can feel the real spirit of the city.
According to many, Puyol has not in vain remained the best restaurant in Mexico City for 10 years and can even compete with the best institutions in France and Italy.

The world famous chef Enrique Oliver creates real culinary masterpieces based on local Mexican dishes. (For example, have you heard about liquid quesadillas in the form of a shot?) Try culinary art from local high-quality products in a restaurant with an unobtrusive, minimalist design. Each visitor can feel like a celebrity or a movie star. Also, wine connoisseurs will taste authentic drinks from local raw materials.

Casino Español

Nothing changes at the magnificent Casino Español – the bastion of Spanish fortune. This magnificent palace, two blocks from the main square of the city, is popular with both locals and tourists. Here you can sample Spanish dishes such as paella, serrano jamon, roasted pig and various seafood. The institution was opened in 1903, and since then the level of service remains at the level.


This lavishly decorated place is located in an attractive area of ​​Mexico City with classic architecture. It serves the most delicious seafood. The institution has almost become a second home for hipsters, young people and just beautiful people.

Delicious surprises await tourists: Tostadas, fresh fish appetizers with avocados, Robalo meatballs and shrimps in orange spicy arugula sauce. You can dine slowly here at about 4-5 pm.
Where to dance until you drop
Ragga and Joy Room

Are you ready for fun? Do not be fooled by the appearance of the institution: this is a nightclub of the highest class. (Ragga is a dance floor, and Joy Room is a bar). This place is located in the very center of the city and mainly incendiary youth music sounds here.

The elegant interior competes with the best establishments in New York, Miami or Ibiza.

Bar louis

Those wishing to experience the atmosphere of incendiary Cuban rumba should go to the Bar of San Luis. This place resembles the famous institution Havana ’59. A motley crowd gathers here who loves to dance to the music of Latin America.

Having got here, I want to surrender to this bewitching energy of dance – to stay here in a bad mood is simply impossible! Men, be prepared that some stranger may ask your companion to dance – this is in local customs.

Cantina tío pepe

This place is most authentic and as if from a time capsule. The atmosphere of the late 19th century attracts a huge number of customers. Visitors are greeted by a massive mahogany bar counter, vinyl booths and well-trained staff. Here everyone can take a guitar and begin to perform Mexican songs, while others usually support the guitarist by singing.

What to look for
Awesome silver

Many centuries ago, the discovery of silver mines helped Mexico to become the richest overseas colony of Spain. This metal remains one of the favorite materials of local artisans and artisans.

Various amazing items are stored in the Polanco Gallery. Here, travelers will find everything they want: from exquisite jewelry to baroque candelabra. Tourists often purchase jewelry and silverware.

Historical Center Sokalo

Walking around the historic center of Mexico City, tourists will be able to watch how the city has changed over the seven centuries of its existence.

The main square, known as Sokalo, serves as a starting point. Historic sites include the massive baroque and neoclassical cathedral, as well as the ruins of the main Aztec temple. Next, take a look at the Palacio Nacional, whose walls are decorated with unusual frescoes by Diego Rivera.

Go down to Madero Street and visit the Palace of Fine Arts. Here, tourists get aesthetic pleasure from works of art by Mexican authors.

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