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UAE – a country where you will learn to have fun!

A continuous desert, over 40 years has turned into one of the richest corners of the planet – this is the United Arab Emirates. They are characterized by the definition of “the most”, referring to airports, skyscrapers, hotels and even artificial islands. Everything here is the most incomprehensible, chic and impressive. We will share interesting facts about this country and tell about the legendary amusement parks located on its territory.

Top 10 Fun Facts About the UAE
In fact, you can write 20 and 30. We chose the most juicy. In general, everyone who has visited the United Arab Emirates has found something remarkable for himself. It happens that one country seems ordinary, and the other at every step finds reasons for enthusiastic exclamations.

The “harsh winter” temperature indicators here are + 23 + 25 ° C during the day and + 14 ° C at night. So in January and February, you can safely plan a tour to Dubai, a vacation in the UAE during this period is comfortable. Summer in the country is quite hot and the temperature often exceeds the threshold of +40 ° C.

Bus stops are air-conditioned for the convenience of residents and tourists.

Camel racing instead of banal horse racing. A little detail: camels can reach speeds of up to 65 km / h, and at the event they are controlled by robots.

Hitchhiking is an administrative violation. Disappointing news for fans of this way to travel around the world.

The largest flower park. Area Dubai Miracle Garden – more than 70 thousand square meters. m. The number of copies of various plant species growing in it, about 45 million. It’s worth a look!

In the UAE there is a ski resort. It is called Ski Dubai and is located in the Arabian desert.

The famous Palm Islands can be seen from the moon (with the naked eye). The astronauts of the MSC station even took their picture. The construction of this man-made archipelago cost $ 7 billion.

Skyscraper leaning stronger than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We are talking about the 35-story Capital Gate building with an angle of 18 degrees, which is 4 times more than the famous structure of the city of Pisa.

Each emirate has its own sand color. It ranges from orange to gray and white.

In Dubai, there are about 20% of the world’s construction cranes, which indicates a rapid pace of development.

We could continue and tell about the police fleet, consisting of Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini, palm trees, priced at $ 10,000, features of the kitchen. But we want to show the United Arab Emirates as a country where you will learn how to have fun and therefore we will move on to amusement parks.

Legendary UAE amusement parks. The places described below are simply must-see! This is capitalized entertainment.

IMG Worlds of Adventure
Located on an area comparable to 28 football fields, and having a height of 10-story building, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the most ambitious indoor amusement park in the world.

The project cost amounted to 1 billion dollars. The park consists of 4 zones:

In the Marvel zone, there are superheroes of the universe of the same name. There is also a stereoscopic 3D multimedia theater Avengers: Battle of Ultron.

Part of Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure created exclusively for this park. Its feature is the presence of 69 modern animatronic dinosaurs. From them goosebumps. This is the largest zone, covering an area of ​​65,000 m2 .. Walking along it, you will find a hill on which the trailer accelerates to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds. This is a very high and fast attraction for daredevils.

The Cartoon Network zone will delight 5D cinema. It shows the cartoon of Ben 10. Children will love the company of their favorite cartoon heroes. This site features many brands and exclusive entertainment.

At The IMG Boulevard, you can participate in interactive events or watch live performances. One “Ghost Hotel” is worth it … Try to get out of it without encountering the inhabitants of the darkness. There are also many shops and eateries.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Park gives you the opportunity to enjoy the effect of a full thematic immersion and try out 20 branded attractions. The cost of an adult ticket is $ 82, and a child ticket is $ 68.

Recently, we wrote about several impressive facts about the IMG Worlds of Adventure entertainment complex!

Ferrari world
This is a huge entertainment pavilion located on the artificial island of Yas near Abu Dhabi. An impressive size Ferrari logo flaunts on its roof. If you are a temperamental car enthusiast or just love to tickle your nerves, welcome to Ferrari World. The park opened in 2010. Its area is 86,000 m2. It is surrounded by 435,000 m2 of flawless landscapes.

Here you can ride the winding Formula Rossa roller coaster at speeds in excess of 200 km / h, and then watch a movie about the start of the racing era. The park has 20 types of racing rides. There is even an attraction – a journey inside the engine.

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