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11 reasons to visit the UAE

When it comes to tours in the Emirates, no one is stingy with epithets. It took this state less than 50 years to become a world leader and create the most luxurious and impressive architectural and landscape projects. We will tell you 11 reasons why you need to visit the UAE at least once.

1. See the tallest building in the world
The Burj Khalifa or the Khalifa Tower is the tallest skyscraper in the world. Its height is 828 m., And its weight is 500 thousand tons. The skyscraper consists of 163 floors. Seriously, we are dizzy with just one thought of him!

2. Visit Wild Wadi Water Park
Wild Wadi Water Park is crazy water extreme! Here you will be offered to slide off two 120-meter slides at a breakneck speed of 80 km / h! The water park has 30 slides, 23 swimming pools, surf areas and a water paradise for kids.

3. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Sharjah
This is a real storehouse of Arab culture. The museum presents a collection of Arab artists and European masters, whose work is somehow connected with the Arab countries. Here is an amazing library, in which there are more than 4 thousand books.

4. Enjoy the luxury of the Presidential Palace Hotel Emirates Palace
This palace is the embodiment of an ancient Arabian fairy tale, although it was built only in 2005. Traditional Arabic architecture, luxurious finishes are harmoniously combined with the latest information technology. This palace is the best example of luxury and convenience in the world.

5. Take a walk along the Corniche
We will not hide from you that this is the most beautiful promenade in the world! This picturesque street extends along the sea coast for 10 km. Giant skyscrapers and luxurious hotels rise above it, which gives the street an even more sophisticated look. There are 90 fountains on the embankment, each of which is an architectural masterpiece.

6. See the race track Yas Marina
This is one of the few tracks in the world, the movement of which is carried out counterclockwise, which creates additional difficulties for riders. According to the project, its length was to be 5555 km, because the number 5 is considered lucky in Islamic countries. But the actual length of the route is 5554 km. I wonder where 1 km disappeared?

7. Visit the largest Ferrari theme park in the world.
Opened in 2010, Ferrari World has become the world’s largest indoor theme park. The park has the world’s fastest pneumatic roller coaster – Formula Rossa. And only desperate daredevils can ride on it!

8. Climb the world’s highest tennis court
Burj Al Arab – the highest tennis court in the world, which is located on the roof of the hotel at an altitude of 321 meters. We would not have climbed there even under pain of the death penalty!

9. Refresh your wardrobe in the largest shopping mall in the world.
You don’t know anything about shopping until you visit The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the world. You are waiting for 1200 stores on a total area of ​​1.2 million square meters. m

10. Enjoy the beauty of one of the greatest fountains in the world.
Dubai Fountain is located in an artificial lake with an area of ​​over 12 hectares. Its length is 275 meters, and the height of the stream reaches 150 m. Be sure to visit the fountain in the evening, as 6600 spotlights illuminate it.

11. Go skiing or snowboarding
Everything is possible in the UAE! Even winter fun. Ski Dubai is a stunning indoor ski resort with artificial snow. Lifts, various routes, an ice cave and a cinema are located on an area of ​​over 22.5 thousand square meters. m

Seven Arab Emirates – these are the impressions that will change your life, the idea of ​​beauty, luxury and engineering achievements!

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