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10 reasons to visit Berlin this weekend

Berlin is a vibrant city that can shock with daring trends or an innovative approach to creativity. He knows how to adapt to everything unusual and beckons with numerous wealth. It is called the city of extremes, attracting travelers from all over the planet. We found 10 reasons to relax in Berlin. Perhaps they will push you into the arms of adventure.

Sample fancy dishes at Einsunternull Restaurant
Previously, few knew about this restaurant. But he recently received his first Michelin star, thanks to which he became a prominent point on the culinary map of the city. At Einsunternull you will have the opportunity to taste the dishes of Lokavore cuisine (they are prepared exclusively from products growing nearby) and enjoy a wide selection of fine wines.

Visit the Brandenburg Gate Museum
This brand new museum occupies two floors in a building next to the city’s calling card, the Brandenburg Gate. With the help of multimedia screens, events from the 300-year history of the World’s Gate are presented here, among which are the revolution of 1848-49, world wars and even the 2014 soccer world cup. The entrance fee is about 9 euros.

See the exhibition “British Look: Germany – Memories of a Nation”
This exhibition of the British Museum has collected 200 works that span 600 years of German history. Particularly noteworthy are the works of Albrecht Durer and the hat of Napoleon in 1815. Ticket price 10 euros.

Stay at the Henri Hotel
The first Henri hotel has recently reopened and has shown itself as a charming retro place. Among its advantages are elegant rooms, comfortable self-service bars, polite staff and a location close to boutiques and restaurants in the Ku’damm area.

Take a swim in the vintage pools of the Stadtbad Oderberger Strasse
The public pools of the Prenzlauer Berg district were abandoned for 30 years, but now they have been put in order and reopened to visitors. Now they belong to the hotel complex. From April 2017, it will be possible to reserve a room, dine in a restaurant on its territory and swim in plenty. The cost of visiting is 4-6 euros.

Learn the history of the city at the Berlin Wall Museum at the East Side Gallery
This new museum was opened in 2016. It is located on the site of the longest section of the wall and is dedicated to the history of the once divided city. For 13 euros, interactive screens, interviews of former border guards and genuine newsreels await you.

Taste dishes at Le Petit Royal Restaurant
Recognized Berlin Steakhouse Grill Royal has got a younger sister – Le Petit Royal. This restaurant is housed in a stately 19th-century building in Charlottenburg and is decorated with Italian wood and fabrics. The kitchen here focuses on fish and seafood.

To study the exposition “German colonialism: history and modernity”
Despite the fact that museums in Berlin attract visitors mainly with artifacts of the First and Second World War, this exhibition also shows less well-known events in German history, including genocide. The exhibition will run until May 14, 2017. Ticket price 7 euros.

Admire Zoe Hotel’s Garden
The latest fashion boutique hotel from Amano Group is located inside a characteristic dark gray building in Mitte County. It offers luxury apartments, a wonderful conservatory, a presentable G&T bar and a rooftop terrace.

Visit the City Museum of Modern Art
In the summer of 2017, the first museum dedicated to street art will open in Berlin. It is organized by the National Cultural Fund of the city and will be located in the Schöneberg district. More information will be provided in May 2017. The entrance is free.

After a trip to Berlin, you will certainly find 10 more reasons to return to this city. His vibrant, bustling life is bewitching and does not want to let go. Here you will experience creative freedom, see many contrasts, plunge into history, meet interesting people and enjoy unsurpassed cuisine. Have a nice trip!

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