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How to choose an island in Greece for a vacation?

Greece is one of the favorite destinations of Ukrainian tourists. The territory of the country includes 1400 islands. True, only 277 of them are populated, and not all are of tourist interest. But before the trip, travelers still have the question: “How to choose an island to stay in Greece?” We will tell you about interesting places in Hellas. And tell you where it is better to go with your family, where – with a youth company, and where you can relax in peace and quiet.

Where to relax with children: 2 popular destinations
Perhaps the question of parents about how to choose an island in Greece for families with children is the most difficult. On such a trip, you need to take into account the nuances: climate, infrastructure, the presence of a children’s menu and entertainment at the hotel, remoteness from the airport. Pay attention to Crete and Rhodes – these are large resorts, they can be reached by charter flights.

On the islands, the season begins in May and lasts until the end of October. With kids it is better to go in mid-May or in September. In these months, the air temperature is comfortable, during the day it does not exceed + 28–29 ° С, and the water warms up to +26 ° С.

In Crete, guests are offered 4- and 5-star hotels with All inclusive and baby food. For family vacations, snow-white beaches with warm water and shallow sea have. There are water parks Aquaplus and Water City, a zoo and the Botanical Garden.

Rhodes is a hot island of Greece. On its eastern side there are calm, clean beaches, no wind. Picturesque mountains and pines reign in the southwest. The nightlife is well developed. Water sports are popular here, you can snorkel at St. Paul’s Bay in Lindos.

Places for a relaxing holiday
Are you tired for a year and wondering which island to choose for your holidays in Greece, to relax? Good fit:

Kefalonia in the north, off the coast of the Ionian Sea. Those travelers who are not looking for comfort, but originality, unity and nature will like it. It is worth seeing the Myrtos beach, the Drogariti cave, Lake Melissani and the Venetian city of Fiskardo, which survived the earthquake.
Chios – one of the resorts on the Aegean Sea, not yet filled with tourists. Visit the colorful towns of Vesa, Pithios and Kalamoti on the island. It is better to come in May or September, in summer the temperature reaches +35 ° C during the day and +26 ° C at night.

Youth resorts
If you are looking for a bright holiday with dancing until dawn, we will also tell you about which islands to choose in Greece for a vacation company.

The most beautiful beaches extend to Mykonos, in the Aegean Sea. Paranga Beach, Psaros Beach is hosted by show business stars, cultural figures and politicians. The climate is mild, the average temperature in the summer afternoon is +29 ° C.

Tourists will also like Kos, the “Aegean Sea Garden”, where the beaches are with white, gold and black volcanic sand. The cleanest and most calm sea in Kamari. It rents outfits for windsurfing and diving. Well, as a cultural leisure, you can go to the Hippocrates Museum and the Asklepion temple complex.

Picturesque Greek Islands
One of the most beautiful places – Santorini, it is called paradise at an altitude of 300 m, sunken Atlantis. Visit the active volcano and monastery of the prophet Elijah. But the greatest interest is caused by the old Fera – a city in which ancient theaters, monuments and burials have been preserved, and he himself is surrounded by rocks.

Another option is Corfu. The climate is mild, in July and August the temperature does not rise above +29 ° C during the day. The island, like a huge botanical garden, is buried in olives and citrus orchards. In Corfu counted 40,000 species of plants. We recommend watching the Byzantine quarters and taking a ride on the Channel of lovers.

Each island of Greece is unique and interesting. If you still do not know how to choose a place to stay in Greece, Poehalisnami.ua will select a tour specifically for you!

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