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Where in Greece is cheaper to relax?
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Where in Greece is cheaper to relax?

Greece is a unique country with an ancient history, magnificent nature and an impressive cultural heritage. You decided to go here to relax comfortably and on a budget, but you can not decide where in Greece it is cheaper to relax? We will tell you about the best options for an inexpensive vacation.

How much does a vacation in Greece cost?
Budget holidays are naturally in demand among tourists: young people, families with children or people who are not ready to overpay want to save on travel. For a trip costing less, choose 3 * and 4 * hotels in small resort towns that have not yet gained popularity. Pay attention to the islands and peninsulas, where it is the cheapest to relax in Greece.

Sometimes it happens that it is impossible to predict prices in advance. For example, the same dish in a restaurant of a famous resort may cost less than in a small village. The reason for this price difference is the presence or absence of competition.

The reputation of luxury holidays in Greece is maintained mainly by Santorini, Mykonos, the Athenian Riviera and Thessaloniki.

Calling the cheapest resort in Greece is not easy, as there are expensive luxury hotels in every region of the country.

Here is an indicative rating of tourist destinations where the cheapest vacation in Greece is:

Crete is a solution for young people with a small budget, or for relaxing with children. The island combines wide sandy beaches with shallow water for babies and noisy nightlife that will appeal to the young company.
Rhodes is an amazing island with an ancient history. The high season is here in July and August, so picking up a tour is better at another time.
Halkidiki is a peninsula washed by the Aegean Sea. It is divided into three smaller peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Kassandra is considered the most democratic of them.
The Peloponnese is located in the south of Greece, it attracts with sandy and sandy-pebble beaches, as well as historical monuments.
Hersonnisos is called a youth resort – affordable prices for accommodation and meals make it a favorite vacation spot for students.
Rethymno will please with prices, clean air and lack of fuss.
The cost of the tour for two for 7 nights in July-August will cost from 800 to 1800 USD in a 3 * hotel. For this amount you get accommodation in a hotel with an outdoor pool and landscaped area. Meals are most often not included in the price of the tour. It happens that includes breakfast or breakfast with dinner. Many have a kitchenette for self-catering.

The cost of the trip depends not only on which resorts in Greece are the cheapest, but also on the month for which you plan to travel. The high season here begins in June and lasts until October, respectively, and prices bite during this period. In October and November, when the heat subsides, you can successfully “catch” a burning ticket and go to get acquainted with the sights and culture of Greece.

It is difficult to do without additional expenses at the resort. For example, you would like to visit a cafe on vacation: coffee with cake will cost about 4 EUR, a romantic dinner will cost from 15. For visiting most of the sights, you will pay within 5-12 EUR, however, the more popular the property, the more expensive the entrance fee will be. So, in Athens, sightseeing tours cost from 40 to 200 EUR.

Greece vs. Cyprus: where is cheaper?
It is believed that holidays in Cyprus are cheaper than in Greece. In fact, price differences are extremely small.

In Cyprus, hotel infrastructure is developed, but somewhat inferior to Greek. The advantage of Cyprus is that it has a long beach season.

But in Greece there are more attractions and natural diversity.

If you are concerned about the question: where is cheaper Cyprus or Greece, look what tour operators offer. The cost of a tour to Cyprus for two for 7 nights with accommodation in a 3 * hotel in July-August ranges from 800 to 1,500 USD. When compared with the prices in Greece, which were presented in the previous section, it becomes obvious that there is no significant difference in price.

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