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Travel Guide: Food, Shopping & Entertainment in Athens

The beautiful capital of Greece seems to tourists bored and mundane. Travelers seek to go to the coast, not noticing the synthesis of historical objects and innovations that can be found in Athens. Walk around the places where perhaps Poseidon himself, according to legend, put his hand to the base of the city.

We have selected the most interesting places in Athens where you can eat and have a good time.

Where to eat
The restaurant, opened in 2015, has already received a Michelin star. Japanese and Greek culture merges here under the strict guidance of Sosheris Kontizas, whose Greek father instilled a love for authentic cuisine and a Japanese mother for oriental spices.

Do not think that there are many delicacies or very complex dishes. On the contrary, they are tasty and simple, reflecting the minimalism of the establishment.

The ideal food, according to the chef, includes the following items: salad with zucchini and eggplant, miso, soba noodles with smoked salmon and shrimp in rice paper.

Not far from Nolan, Sushimou is located just around the corner. This is Sushi Nakazawa Athens: in other words, here are the most inexpensive rolls in the whole city. Hurry up to book a table here, because the room is designed for literally 12 people. Sometimes you have to wait four to six weeks to get to this place.

Rolls here justify such an unimaginable popularity. After all, chef Anthony Dracularakos was not so long ago mentioned among the best chefs in the world at the World Summit of Chefs. Dracularakos mastered Japanese sashimi skills and brought it to perfection, using mainly local Mediterranean fish.
The secret of Dracularakos is that every day he selects the best fish from the daily catch of his trusted fisherman. The cook turns out real culinary masterpieces.
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The funky gourmet
In the picturesque area of ​​Ceramikos is one of two restaurants in Greece, which received two Michelin stars. Refined decor creates a reverent atmosphere, visitors seem to come to the temple of taste. Chefs and co-owners of Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nick Roussos place their dishes in the “modern Greek cuisine.”

Customers can enjoy unique and interesting dishes such as Oreo cuttlefish, sea urchin pasta, miniature portions of picnic food, and edible miniatures of various cultural objects. Fans of culinary adventure can try the lamb’s brain. Any visitor who loves a good presentation and good food will find this restaurant amazing.

To enjoy simpler Greek cuisine, head to Papadakis in Kolonaki. This area resembles the 16th arrondissement in Paris or the East Side in New York.

This establishment is located on a quiet, shady, steep street and is ideal for privacy. Start dinner with stewed chickpeas and eggplant. It’s better for hungry visitors to start their meal with whole fried fish, costing around 80 euros. The institution becomes crowded after 9-10 pm.

What to see in Athens
Even if you can not afford the weighty gold products of famous jewelry designers, visit the Ilias Lalaunis jewelry museum near the Acropolis. This museum cannot be missed. Here are three thousand different jewelry items from 50 collections created between 1940 and 2002. This is a real celebration for aesthetes.

Nearby is a shop where you can buy amazing handmade scarves at a low price. In addition, do not miss the wonderful cafe in which gain strength on the way to the Acropolis.

In 2016, the Stavros Niarchors Foundation Cultural Center was opened, which became one of the city’s most ambitious projects worth $ 867 thousand. It offers views of Athens and the Aegean Sea. In autumn, this center will be home to the National Library of Greece and the National Opera of Greece. Nearby is a forty-acre landscape park.

What souvenirs to buy
Celia Critarioti dressed many stars. Now the designer’s name store has opened in Athens, in the Golden Hall of the shopping center on the outskirts of the city. Here is a more affordable line of models.

Such a rare opportunity to inexpensively purchase a designer item cannot be missed. Remember Greece is a paradise for jewelry lovers. The tradition of this craft is ancient and dates back to the reign of Alexander the Great.
So take a tour of the best jewelry stores in Athens and buy yourself a nice gift in memory of the trip. Look for the work of such artists as Janis Sirgakilis and Nikos Kulis.

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