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12 things you need to know before you go to Dubai

This year, the UAE is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the unification of the emirates of the magnificent Gulf into a single state. Everyone is happy to celebrate National Day on December 2. If you plan to buy a tour to Dubai at a time when it is winter, we suggest you learn a few things that we have learned from our many visits and which you might like to know in advance.

There is life behind skyscrapers
Dubai has an amazing story, and if you dig deeper, then under all this gold, you will find an exciting UAE culture. What did not expect? Let’s start with the markets that are located on the side of the Dubai Gulf – the original heart of the city. Merchants from all over the Middle East came here to sell their products. Here you can haggle over turquoise baubles from Iran, silver treasures from Oman and dates from Saudi Arabia. There is also a special market dedicated to gold – it is worth a visit, even if you are not going to buy anything.

The food is fantastic
In the UAE, everything is rich in variety and food is no exception. In Dubai, goodies are served not only in luxurious restaurants. In the Bur Dubai area, you can enjoy Iranian, Filipino, Yemeni, Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani and even Afghani cuisines. You can explore the local cuisine on your own or join a fun gastronomic tour.

You don’t need burkini
A bikini will be enough. Although the UAE is a Muslim country, it is not as conservative as you might think. Dress like you would in Europe: shorts and skirts will do. Hair also does not need to be covered.

But take that throw on your shoulders
It’s cold in shopping centers – all because of the air conditioners. You will also need to cover your shoulders if you plan to visit the Jumeirah Mosque (highly recommended by guidebooks).

Taxis are pretty cheap
Metro is cheaper, but most stations are in uncomfortable places. Take a taxi instead of the subway – and leave a tip to the driver.

Palm tree is impressive and disappointing at the same time.
Urban planners need to take note: a palm tree is not a suitable form for the island. All because of the traffic! If you stayed on one of the leaves, then spend an additional half hour to get to Dubai Marina or the business center of the city.

There is alcohol
And there are many. The sale of alcohol is limited to hotel restaurants, bars, clubs, which may seem strange, but in fact it is not. Starting from bars with good live music to the highest class of champagne bars, you will find places for every taste and every occasion. Consult your concierge or look here. When you catch a taxi or take a walk, make sure you are not too drunk. This is not highly endorsed here and may result in police intervention. Keep up the good work!

Kisses are not welcome
Avoid public kisses, as they will also attract unwanted attention to you. This also applies to nightclubs, hotels, taxis and the beach. We have all heard stories of arrests due to having sex in public places. An ordinary kiss in public can lead to the same troubles.

If it’s hot, it’s HOT!
The temperature in the summer, to be honest, is unrealistic. When on the street 55+ in the shade, you have 60 seconds until you turn into a red-brown dripping mixture … Try to visit Dubai between November and March, so as not to get such a “sweaty” experience.

Stop staring at skyscrapers
The sidewalks in Dubai are sketchy at best, but not at worst. Try to look under your feet or take a taxi, as the locals do, and stare at the joy of your heart.

The spa is just amazing
Even a fastidious spa lover will find here something that will lead him into complete delight and make him write about it to friends. And even for those who are used to luxury resorts, nothing can compare with the resorts of Dubai.

Avoid the cosmetic clinics that you will find in shopping centers, and visit those that are in hotels – they are expensive, but worth it. Jumeriah Zabeel Saray and The Palace Downtown Dubai are especially good, and in summer they often offer discounts.

Shopping malls are pretty fun
Ignore the people who snort at Dubai’s epic shopping malls. Of course, they do not have a cultural-enriching component, but they are quite fun. Aquariums, ski slopes, ice rinks, movie theaters … It’s easy to spend a day in one of these sparkling temples of capitalism. Dubai’s shopping centers are huge, sometimes they have entire areas (AREAS, Karl) dedicated to shoes.

There are many reasons to go to Dubai. Among them will be: excellent service, warm climate, magical beaches, plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment. Here you can relax with each of its cells. The New Year tour to Dubai is a great opportunity to make sure of the above and find out what these New Year Emirates are like.

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